"Hyperconnectivity means everything is talking: person to person, person to machine and machine to machine." -Forbes

"It has the ability to connect everything to everything else. Not just communication between different devices, but across industries." -WIRED

Hi, my name is Sebastian Stohr.

I am an IT professional, entrepreneur and lecturer living in Frankenthal, Germany. My work is focused on Distributed Systems, IT Security and Embedded Systems.


Challenge/Idea: Making thoughts visible - combining brainwaves with Machine Learning
Done: We used brainwaves (attention and meditation levels) to wirelessly switch a light on and off as a new way for patients to interact with their environment and communicate with people they love.
Hardware: Mindflex headset by Mattel®, HC-05 bluetooth module, Philips Hue Bridge and Iris lamp.
Challenge/Idea: Provide an improved version of the open-source Trezor Bitcoin Wallet
Done: Ported public code to ARM®Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC core having a full-fledged prototype.
Hardware: Development Core Board STM32F407R, 0.96 inch 128x64 OLED SPI/I2C.
Challenge/Idea: Build a clone of the FPGA driven HF/LF test instrument proxmark3
Done: Full-fledged clone with loaded firmware.
Hardware: AT91SAM7S256D-AU, XC2S305VQG100C.
Challenge/Idea: Build a clone of the Chameleon Mini Rev E
Done: Full-fledged clone with loaded firmware.
Hardware: ATxmega32A4U-AU, customized PCB.

(+49) 6233 353 9550

Schützenweg 8,
67227 Frankenthal, Germany